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Adopted Resolutions (14th Congress)

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Adopted Resolution No. 87
Resolution Commending the Honorable Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada for Exemplifying the Virtues of Integrity and Hard Work in Performing His Duties as Senate President Pro Tempore During the...
PDF icon 49.2KB

Adopted Resolution No. 86
Resolution Commending the Majority Leader of the Senate, the Honorable Francis N. Pangilinan, for His Dedication and Outstanding Leadership in Steering the Deliberations of the Senate...
PDF icon 56.6KB

Adopted Resolution No. 85
Resolution Commending the Minority Leader of the Senate, the Honorable Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr. for His Exemplary Contribution to the Success of the Senate During the First Regular Session...
PDF icon 47.2KB

Adopted Resolution No. 84
Resolution Authorizing the Production and Distribution of One Hundred Fifty (15) Printed and Digital Copies Each of the Journal and the Record of the Senate for the First Regular Session of...
PDF icon 31.7KB

Adopted Resolution No. 83
Resolution Declaring as Read and Approved the Journal of the 88th Session of the Senate
PDF icon 22KB

Adopted Resolution No. 82
Resolution Expressing the Profound Sympathy and Condolences of the Senate on the Death of Rodolfo "Rudy" P. Fernandez, One of the Pillars of Philippine Movie Industry
PDF icon 49.9KB

Adopted Resolution No. 81
Resolution Commending Mr. Joey Quinto for Being the Recipient of the Award for Excellence in Journalism During the Fourth Annual Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Awards in Celebration of the...
PDF icon 79KB

Adopted Resolution No. 80
Resolution Commending the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Under the Leadership of Ka Eraño G. Manalo and Ka Eduardo V. Manalo, on the Occasion of Their 94th Anniversary
PDF icon 53.2KB

Adopted Resolution No. 79
Resolution Commending Joe Datuin, for Winning the Grand Prize for Sculpture in the International Sport and Art Contest in Connection with the 2008 Beijing Olympics
PDF icon 50.1KB

Adopted Resolution No. 78
Resolution Congratulating and Commending Gian Carlo Dapul for Winning First Place in the Recently Concluded English Speaking Unions (ESU) International Public Speaking Competition in London...
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