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Adopted Resolutions (14th Congress)

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Adopted Resolution No. 54
Resolution Urging the Department of National Defense to Establish a Separate Grave Site or a Memorial in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani to Honor the Heroism of All the Filipino Soldiers Who...
PDF icon 99.4KB

Adopted Resolution No. 53
Resolution Congratulating and Commending the Two Filipino World Class Golfers Ms. Dorothy Delasin and Ms. Jennifer Rosales for Winning the Fourth Edition of the Womens World Cup of Golf At...
PDF icon 54.3KB

Adopted Resolution No. 52
Supreme Court
PDF icon 65.6KB

Adopted Resolution No. 52
Resolution Commending the Supreme Court of the Philippines for Designating One Hundred Seventeen Trial Courts as Environmental Courts to Hear Cases Involving Violations of Laws Protecting...
PDF icon 65.6KB

Adopted Resolution No. 51
Resolution Expressing the Sense of the Senate to Honor the University of the Philippines in its Centennial Year as the Nations Premier University, and to Call for Higher Budgetary...
PDF icon 112.8KB

Adopted Resolution No. 50
Resolution Honoring the Life and Achievements of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, and Condemning Her Assassination
PDF icon 58.5KB

Adopted Resolution No. 49
Resolution Honoring and Remembering Adrian E. Cristobal Sr for His Contributions to Philippine Journalism and the Literary Arts
PDF icon 89.7KB

Adopted Resolution No. 46
Resolution Congratulating the Women and Men Comprising the Team Philippines for Winning Forty-One (41) Gold, Ninety-One (91) Silver and Ninety-Six (96) Bronze Medals Led by the Most...
PDF icon 56.2KB

Adopted Resolution No. 48
Resolution Commending the Philippine National Red Cross on the Occasion of its 60th Anniversary Celebration This 2007 and for its Invaluable Contribution to the Filipino People, Especially...
PDF icon 89.6KB

Adopted Resolution No. 47
Resolution Commending and Congratulating the Brilliant Students of Grace Christian High School, Alyssa Sheena Tan, Bryan Lao, and Mark Ian Tan, for Honouring the Philippines with a Gold in...
PDF icon 71.1KB

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