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Adopted Resolutions (14th Congress)

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Adopted Resolution No. 24
Resolution Commending the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation for Displaying Excellence in Sports in Winning in the 8th International Dragon Boat Federation, Dragon Boat Championship in Australia
PDF icon 51.1KB

Adopted Resolution No. 23
Resolution Commending Vina Morales and Kjwan Band for Winning in the Asean Ikon International Song Competition Held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Their Victories Reflecting Filipinos World...
PDF icon 58.1KB

Adopted Resolution No. 22
Resolution Authorizing All Permanent Committees of the Senate to Hold Meetings, Hearings or Conferences During the Recess of the Congress for the Purpose of Studying and Preparing Any...
PDF icon 54.2KB

Adopted Resolution No. 21
Resolution Advising the House of Representatives, with Due Consent, That the Senate Will Adjourn on October 3, 2007
PDF icon 37KB

Adopted Resolution No. 20
Resolution Authorizing Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr. to Argue, Together with the Counsel-Of-Record, the Petition for Prohibition and Certiorari with Prayer for a Temporary Restraining...
PDF icon 48KB

Adopted Resolution No. 18
Resolution Congratulating and Exalting Rafael Paeng Nepomuceno for Landing First Place At Ther Recently Concluded Columbia 300-South Pacific Classic (SPC) Bowling Tournament Held At the Amf...
PDF icon 62.7KB

Adopted Resolution No. 17
Resolution Commending Dr. Ramona Bustamante-Rañeses for Winning the World Speech Competition Held in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States of America, a True Reaffirmation of Filipinos...
PDF icon 63.4KB

Adopted Resolution No. 16
Resolution Commending the Philippine Madrigal Singers for Displaying the Countrys Highest Pride Artistry in Winning the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing
PDF icon 71.9KB

Adopted Resolution No. 15
Resolution Honoring and Commending the Ten (10) Outstanding Teachers of 2007 Awarded by the Metrobank Foundation, Inc.
PDF icon 84KB

Adopted Resolution No. 14
Resolution Congratulating and Commending the Team of Filipino Students Who Garnered a Total of 44 Medals, Including 11 Gold, 12 Silver and 21 Bronze Medals in the Recent 3rd International...
PDF icon 76.6KB

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