Photo Release

November 16, 2020

Using Anti-Insurgency Funds for Covid-19 Response: Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon asks Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Sonny Angara if he would consider using a portion of the P19-billion anti-insurgency fund for the 822 barangays as part of the country’s Covid-19 response specifically for the purchase of vaccines. Angara said he is open to the suggestion considering the developments on the vaccine manufacture. “So we kill two birds with one stone: we address our need for funds for Covid and at the same time we address the need to maintain the barangays which are cleared of insurgency. I’m glad to hear that the good sponsor is amenable to devoting part of these funds to the covid-19 response but specifically dedicated to our 822 barangays,” Drilon said during the hybrid plenary debates on the proposed 2021 budget. (Screen grab/Senate PRIB)