Photo Release

November 19, 2020

On AFP’s humanitarian efforts and disaster operation: Sen. Imee Marcos, during the Commission on Appointments’ Defense Committee hearing Thursday, November 19, 2020, on the ad interim appointments and nominations of 60 senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, inquires about the military's capabilities in responding to calamities like Yolanda and the recent typhoons considering its limited resources in responding adequately to catastrophes. Marcos noted that the AFP has tactical support planes, a few helicopters and naval ships. “Today, the current operational doctrine is that we prioritize humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Have things improved by way of equipment and capability?” Marcos asked. Brig. Gen. George Blanco, senior military adviser to the President, said the AFP is currently relying on support from other countries because of limited resources and some aircrafts could not land in calamity-stricken areas because some runways are not good for landing. (Screen grab/Senate PRIB)