Photo Release

November 20, 2020

More support for sports: Sen. Joel Villanueva manifests his full support for the approval of the proposed P207 million budget of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) for 2021, as he emphasized the importance of sports not only in bringing pride and honor to the country, but more importantly in unifying the Filipino people. “I hope, Mr. President, that we can do more for sports not only because we are after winning in the South East Asian Games or in the Olympics, but because sports is such a unifying force. It gives so much hope to our countrymen and to the young people of our nation. Again, we fully support any initiative that will further develop our sports program especially in the provinces and in the far-flung areas of this country,” Villanueva said during the hybrid plenary session deliberating on the proposed budget of PSC Friday, November 20, 2020. (Albert Calvelo/Senate PRIB)