Photo Release

November 25, 2020

On Uncompleted Dams: Sen. Imee Marcos calls for better water management and administration in the country which, she noted, is fragmented at the moment. Marcos, author of Senate Resolution No. 573 directing the Senate Committee on Public Works to conduct an inquiry into the alleged man-made disaster following the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, believed that the recent flooding is an infrastructure issue. She said dams such as the one that would have expanded an additional 100,000 hectares of irrigated land in Cagayan, the Paranaque Spillway and the Marikina Floodway were never completed. “We have no one to blame but ourselves because we did not follow the plan. It is most important in this hearing to find solutions…legislation that will put budgets that are adequate to face the problem and frameworks of the administration and water management that will meet the great challenge of the next two decades, water supply, its management, its administration, and its safety. I am hopeful that new technology such as those propagated now in China and India will also be introduced in the Philippines and that we will become more cognizant of all these new technologies,” Marcos said Wednesday, November 25, 2020. (Screen grab/Senate PRIB)