Photo Release

January 15, 2021

Villar Seeks Clarification on Vaccine Distribution: Sen. Cynthia Villar seeks to clarify the information that despite the donation of 50 percent by private corporations of their vaccine procurement to the national government, private corporations will still not have a free hand on the distribution of these vaccines to their employees. During the Committee of the Whole inquiry on the COVID-19 vaccine roadmap, Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Sec. Joey Concepcion said that vaccine provider AstraZeneca under their zero-profit program, is requiring the distribution of vaccines to vulnerable sectors and excludes the distribution of vaccines to owners and executives of the company. “When a company buys, it buys for everybody. There is a priority list but it has a supply for everybody. Because in a company, you cannot choose which ones to vaccinate. Your employees will get angry. Those in the frontlines will go first but everybody will be vaccinated. They should be allowed to do that because the company bought enough for everybody,” Villar said Friday, January 15, 2021. (Screen grab/ Senate PRIB)