Photo Release

September 28, 2021

Villanueva sponsors nine local school bills: Sen. Joel Villanueva, chairman of the Committee on Higher, Technical and Vocational Education, sponsors on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, nine local bills that seek to convert extension campuses into regular campuses; establish campuses; and convert state colleges into state universities. Villanueva, during the hybrid plenary session, said the conversion of extension campuses into regular campuses is necessary to expand the services and facilities of state universities and colleges (SUCs), enhance their academic offerings, and provide opportunities to develop the competencies of teachers and personnel in the university. He added that the establishment of satellite or regular campuses is necessary in bringing education opportunities closer to students living in far-flung areas. As for the transformation of SUCs, Villanueva said, it is needed to allow institutions of higher learning to advance their mandate and meet the demands of the communities they serve. “Mr. President, we are considering these measures as part of the committee’s role to monitor, evaluate, and empower the higher education system to brave the challenges of new normal education,” Villanueva said. (Albert Calvelo/Senate PRIB)