Photo Release

October 12, 2021

Health facilities in tourism areas: Sen. Grace Poe cites the need of having health facilities in tourist destinations to address the concerns of people in those areas. During the virtual hearing of the Committee on Tourism Tuesday, October 12, 2021 on the general views, comments and recommendations of the implementing national government agencies regarding various Senate and House bills referred to the committee, such as declaring tourism development areas, farm tourism destinations, eco-tourism zones, and tourist destinations, Poe lamented that there are tourist destinations, even the popular Siargao, where the local health center is not equipped to treat certain emergency situations like allergies. “Just the very basic epinephrine that needs to be present in these areas. I'm not sure if they even have that or defibrillator, or things like that,” Poe said, suggesting to the Department of Tourism to coordinate with the Department of Health to see if health facilities in those areas are within standards. (Screen grab/Senate PRIB)