Photo Release

January 27, 2022

More time on deliberating local bills: Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon suggests allotting more care and time in deliberating local bills to ensure that the chamber would not be a participant to changes that are uncalled for. Drilon, during the hybrid plenary session Thursday, January 27, 2022, particularly cited House Bill No. (HBN) 8899, which seeks to rename the municipality of Rodriguez in Rizal province as the municipality of Montalban. Drilon believes that while the measure was introduced because of the clamor of the people of Montalban, the chamber should exercise more care in allowing changes because while the measure is trying to correct the confusion, it also could create one. “I am not opposing this bill. I am just saying that in the next congress at least, we should be more careful and we should have more time to deliberate even on local bills because it can have historical implications and sometimes the decision is done on the basis of political convenience or political favor and it is our duty as legislators to see to it that this chamber would not be a participant to changes which are uncalled for,” Drilon pointed out. HBN 8899 was approved by the chamber on second reading. (Screen grab/Senate PRIB)