Photo Release

January 27, 2022

Opening discussion on contentious franchise bill: Sen. Grace Poe sponsors on Thursday, January 27, 2022, House Bill No. 10306 which seeks to expand the coverage of the franchise granted to More Electric and Power Corporation in Iloilo province. In her speech, the chairperson of the Committee on Public Services said her sponsorship was aimed at opening plenary discussions on the legislative measure, particularly its implications. Poe noted the public clamor for cheaper electricity, even as three other existing electricity distribution utilities in the province were recognized for their compliance with performance standards and serving far-flung communities for several years. The prevailing average rate in Iloilo City, served by More, is at P6.38 per kilowatt, which is considered the lowest rate in the country, the senator said. "Our task is to be responsive to the needs of our constituents. The bottom-line is how and when can we make electricity more affordable to our countrymen, especially now that every peso counts... I hope we can deliberate this with the public need in mind," Poe told her colleagues. (Screen grab/Senate PRIB)