Photo Release

January 27, 2022

Blue Ribbon continues inquiry: Sen. Richard Gordon, chairperson of the Blue Ribbon Committee, presides over the 19th inquiry into issues relating to budget utilization of the Department of Health, especially its expenditures in the fight against COVID-19 Thursday, January 27, 2022. The committee cited in contempt Gerald Cruz (Pai Li Holdings); Jayson Uson (Paili Holdings); Sophia Custodio (Business Beyond Limits OPC); Dennis Manalastas (Philippine Full Win Group of Companies, Inc.); Lloyd Christopher Lao and Rose Nono Lin (Pharmally Biological Company) for not attending the hearings despite numerous invitations. Seconding the contempt motion, Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said he concurs with the observation of the chairman that these witnesses have shown disrespect to the processes of the committee. “This is not a punishment. This is just asserting and requiring that people respect the processes of the Senate. Otherwise, we will become a paper tiger and that is part and parcel of the co-equal branch of government. We do not lock up people to punish them, they are locked up because they refuse to accept the invitation to appear on a vital matter that should help solve the problems of our country particularly during this pandemic,” Gordon said. (Screen grab/ Senate PRIB)