Photo Release

August 3, 2022

Zubiri backs use of sustainable materials: Senate President Juan Miguel “Migz” F. Zubiri expresses his full support for Sen. Pia Cayetano’s call to action on using sustainable materials in Senate activities. Zubiri, during Wednesday’s plenary session, August 3, 2022, said being a scuba diver himself, he personally witnessed the damage caused by plastic products such as bottles, nets and sachets to the marine ecosystem and the need to start cleaning up is urgent. The Senate President added that plastic wastes also have an effect on the ability of our seas to produce more fish forcing local fishermen to venture farther out to the sea. Zubiri also congratulated Sen. Cynthia Villar for defending and shepherding the Expanded Producer Responsibility Act of 2022 or Republic Act No. 11898, which lapsed into law on July 23, 2022. The law, according to Zubiri, makes it mandatory for major producers of plastics like plastic bottles, plastic containers and sachets to spearhead programs to recover or recycle plastic waste. “You have our full support, if there is a hearing I would love to attend as well,” Zubiri assured Cayetano. (Joseph Vidal/Senate PRIB)