Photo Release

September 21, 2022

Go supports nominations of DFA, AFP officials: Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go expresses his full support for the confirmation of Philippine Ambassador to Japan Mylene de Joya Garcia-Albano, two career officials and the ad interim appointments of 50 flag/general and senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the Commission on Appointments’ committee meeting Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Go said Albano, as a representative of Davao City’s second district, displayed her “dedication, credibility and trustworthiness as she fulfilled her duties as legislator.” He also expressed his support for the nomination of Career Minister Val Simon Taganas Roque, and Consul General Voltaire dela Cruz Mauricio. “I appeal that in the performance of your duties, you remember to build on the independent foreign policy former President Duterte worked towards. With your competence, intellect and experience, I trust that our country's interests will always be at the forefront of your work, Madam Ambassador,” Go said of Albano. In supporting the nominations of AFP senior officers, Go said: “It is with great pride and honor that I relay my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our uniformed officers for their invaluable service to the Filipino nation.” (Albert Calvelo/Senate PRIB)