Photo Release

January 23, 2023

People’s resilience not enough: Sen. Raffy Tulfo, during Monday’s plenary session, January 23, 2023, says people's resilience should not be solely relied on when there are typhoons, storm surges, landslides and floods that “exponentially increased” the damages, which claimed lives, destroyed livelihood, halted business operations and damaged utility infrastructures. Tulfo noted that when typhoon Karding developed into a tropical depression and hit the country on September 22 last year, it continued to intensify into severe tropical typhoon, super typhoon, until it reached Tropical Cyclone Warning System Signal No. 5 on September 25. Unfortunately, Filipinos are getting used to being hit by typhoons. “We should not get used to this. We should not rely on our people's resilience. Instead, we have to enact measures that could reverse or temper climate change,” Tulfo said as he expressed his full support for climate change policies aimed at recovering the environment for future generations. As chairperson of the Committee on Energy, Tulfo said his priority is to provide policies that would launch the use of sustainable sources of clean energy. (Bibo Nueva España/Senate PRIB)