Photo Release

January 30, 2023

Win supports Carmona cityhood: Sen. Win Gatchalian explains his affirmative vote on a bill seeking the conversion of the municipality of Carmona into a component city of Cavite despite his dissent to the passage of RA 11683, which serves as the basis for its cityhood. During Monday’s plenary session January 30, 2023, Gatchalian said that during the interpellation on the bill, he learned that Carmona has complied with the new income and population requirements set forth by the new law. He also learned the proper application of the portability clause set forth by the same law which was intended to cushion the impact on the allotment for existing cities in the national tax allocation. “Given these discussions on compliance with the pertinent provisions of RA 11683, as well as the support for the bill relayed through a letter dated December 5, 2022 by the League of Cities of the Philippines, this humble representation feels that it is only proper to extend a yes vote to the Carmona cityhood bill,” Gatchalian explained. “With the enactment of this measure, more industries will be encouraged to invest in Carmona. That's why we have in our hands the key in opening many opportunities towards the development of the local economy of the entire Cavite,” Gatchalian said. “To end, I would like to congratulate the local government of Carmona as the passage of this bill signals tremendous progress for their constituents,” he added. (Voltaire F. Domingo/Senate PRIB)