Photo Release

February 1, 2023

Bayong-all-you-can: Senate President Pro Tempore Loren Legarda who recently celebrated her birthday, treated Senate employees to a Bayong-all-you-can on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Around 250 employees were given five minutes to fill up their bayong with vegetables and fruits of their choice for free. The event was organized by Legarda’s office in coordination with Rural Rising Philippines, a non-profit organization that helps Filipino farmers by doing “rescue buys” in areas where there is over-production of fruits and vegetables. “These are vegetables from farmers who had a bountiful harvest but could not sell their produce in their area and want to sell them to people elsewhere. We are talking about helping our farmers,” Legarda said. She said she thought of giving away vegetables and fruits to Senate employees instead of treating them to ice cream or other food on her natal day. “As an author of the MSME law, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises law, we support small enterprises. This is my treat for you. I hope we will all be happy, healthy and conscious of the needs of the farmers. Let’s grow our own food, help our farmers and help each other so those who are hungry would be given food,” Legarda added. Legarda purchased 2.5 tons of vegetables and fruits including carrots, broccoli, sayote, leeks, cabbage, corn, potatoes, eggplant, lettuce, chico, tomatoes, guyabano, celery and bananas from Benguet, Guimaras, Batangas, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Viscaya and Baguio farmers. (Joseph Vidal/Senate PRIB)