Photo Release

February 6, 2023

Prepare the youth: Sen. Robinhood C. Padilla reminds the youth about the importance of military training in ensuring the country's preparedness for any threat or eventuality. During Monday’s hearing February 6, 2023 of the Subcommittee on Higher, Technical and Vocational Education, Padilla said the Philippines has been in war many times - thus, it is very important to prepare the youth to make sure the Philippines is not conquered. “My suggestion is, let our youth be prepared for anything that may come because historically we have not quite rested from war. We may have had years of peace, but the threat is still there,” Padilla said in Filipino. “Now, I have only one reminder. This is why we are returning this Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) so that we will not be under any foreign power. We must be independent, we will not be commanded by any foreign country, and we are doing this to defend our independence, our freedom, and above all we are Filipinos,” he added. (Voltaire F. Domingo/Senate PRIB)