Press Release
March 5, 2006


Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Nene Q. Pimentel, Jr. (PDP-Laban) today called on the youth to resist the evil attraction of pornography that could weaken or destroy their moral upbringing as he deplored that this problem has gone out of control due to government ineptitude and indifference of society.

Pimentel said the youth should fortify their spiritual armor and exert greater self-discipline in the face of proliferation of, and easier access to, pornographic materials due to technological advances.

Pornography is found in printed matters, photographs, films and the Internet. It is estimated to be an $8 billion business in the United States. I supposed that it is a multi-billion peso industry in this country, too. It is an evil business that should not be allowed to sprout and prosper, he said.

The lone senator from Mindanao gave this message at the Grand Finals of the 4th Oratorical Contest of College students sponsored by the Community Chest of the Philippines at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Pasay City. The subject of the contest was the pornography problem.

Pornography is the portrayal of sexually explicit material for no other purpose than to arouse the sexual appetite of the viewer.

While the government seems helpless or lacking in to resolve eradicate pornography, Pimentel emphasized that the youth can still be safeguarded from this menace as long as it is forbidden at home, school and in the neighborhood.

I hope that this oratorical contest will help prevent the spread of pornography in our land and ultimately cause it to be abhorred and rejected by those who are most vulnerable to its horrific influence the young, he said as he commanded the Community Chest for sponsoring the activity and the college students and their schools for getting involved in such a worthy cause.

What is essentially wrong with pornographic materials especially for the youth, according to Pimentel, is that they focus the mind on sex as if it were the end-all and be-all of life.

A young person who is hooked on pornography looks at life as a purely sexual adventure; something that he or she would want to experience regardless of the absence of the commitment to the sexual partner that should go with it, Pimentel said.

His or her sexual addiction becomes such that he or she would have sex with another whether willing or not and even if he or she would have to resort to force to do it.

The senator further explains how pornography can ruin ones character and life.

Having sex become the only thing that matters for him or her. It absorbs his or her whole energy, attention and drive so that in the end he or she becomes a slave to sex. And even if he or she does not became a sex pervert in the sense that he or she forces himself or herself on others especially on the young, pornographic addiction will prevent him or her from developing his or her full potentials as a human being.

Instead of aspiring for the more beautiful things in life, he or she sees nothing else but sex and more sex. And in place of seeing sex as a beautiful gift from the Almighty that leads to life, sex becomes itself the supreme goal of the pornographic mind.

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