Press Release
April 11, 2006


Motorcycle lanes will soon be put up on major roads and highways to enhance the safety of motorists.

The Department of Public Works and Highways will be required to designate or construct the motorcycle lanes under Senate Bill 2242 filed by Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr. (PDP-Laban).

Pimentel said that this scheme is meant to address the growing number of motorcycles traversing major roads and bridges and to ensure the protection of all motorists and the increasing incidence of road accidents involving this type of motor vehicle.

During these times of rising oil prices and worsening traffic problems, many of our countrymen and women are now using motorcycles as their primary means of transport. These vehicles are easier to maneuver during heavy traffic and are more fuel-efficient than cars, he said.

Records at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) show that in January and February of 2006 alone, a total of 53,458 new motorcycles were registered with the LTO, comprising almost 50 percent of the 105,591 motorcycles previously registered with the said office as of December, 2005.

However, motorcycles are considered high-risk vehicles, Pimentel said. Data from the Traffic Management Group (TMG) of the Philippine National Police revealed that of the 14,202 traffic accidents that were reported from all over the country in 2004, up to 3,010 or 21 percent involved motor vehicles.

In 2005, a total of 11,425 traffic accidents occurred, of which 2,798 or 24 percent involved motorcycles. In the first two months of 2006 alone, the TMG recorded a total of 485 motorcycle accidents or 35 percent out of the total 1,364 accidents vehicular accidents recorded.

In Metro Manila-alone, 250 persons died from motorcycle accidents over the last three years, or an average of 83 fatalities per year.

A total of 8,968 non-fatal injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents were recorded over the last three years were recorded, or an average of 2,989 injuries per year.

Pimentel also called on traffic, transportation and local government authorities to strictly implement the mandatory use of helmet by motorcycle drivers.

Under Senate Bill 2242, the district engineers of the DPWH shall place marking on existing main roads and highways to indicate lanes for motorcycles. Any plan for the construction of national roads and highways after the effectivity of the proposed legislation shall include adequate motorcycle lanes.

Any DPWH official who refuses or fails to comply with this legislation shall be charged administratively and if found guilty, shall be punished by a fine of not less than P30,000 or more than P50,000, and shall be suspended for not less than one month.

The amount necessary for the marking of existing main roads and highways shall be charged against the appropriations of the DPWH under the 2006 general appropriations act. Thereafter, the amount necessary for the maintenance of the motorcycle lanes shall be included in the annual GAA.

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