Press Release
June 30, 2006


The silent majority must break their silence and back up the moves to impeach the President. If the people simply keep quiet about the misdeeds of the President, it would be much more difficult to remove her by impeachment.

Lest I be misunderstood, I want Gloria removed from office, the sooner, the better. But I want it done constitutionally, not violently.

If impeachment can remove her, so be it. But as I have time and again pointed out, the impeachment process only gives the President another chance to buy the votes of the buyable members of the House as was shown in the last impeachment try against her.

Perhaps, the new one will succeed if the people would speak out and support it publicly. The people need not demonstrate if even that causes them paralysis. The next best thing is for them to swamp the editorial offices of the mass media with their support for the impeachment.

They can also start boycotting the establishments that support the administration. And perhaps consider slowing down in the payment of their taxes as an expression of their disgust with the corruption and abuses of the administration.

Other more radical proposals would include non-payment of taxes as an expression of outrage. But that probably would come as the penultimate option. The other alternative is to move against Gloria to make her resign so that new elections could be held.

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