Press Release
July 4, 2006


Sen. Panfilo Lacson questioned Tuesday an alleged military report indicating he would be made part of a transition government after a supposed leftist-rightist alliance to topple the Arroyo government last Feb.24.

Lacson said he had no knowledge about such a council-type transition government, which he does not believe will work because it smacks of a junta.

"I have always been consistently against a council-type transition government because I don't believe it will work. It smells like a junta aside from being unconstitutional," Lacson said.

He said it is possible his name was placed there, but stressed he had no knowledge of such a supposed transition government until now.

Lacson added that while some sectors had approached him and suggested the idea, he rejected it.

"My name was just placed there and I definitely had no knowledge until now, much less permission to be included in the council," he said.

He also advised the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to be careful in dragging my name without basis, and be more factual in their report.

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