Press Release
August 3, 2006


Noting the meager salary of judges and lawyers serving in the government, Senator Edgardo J. Angara today called for granting members of the Bench and other lawyers in the Judiciary an additional allowance equivalent to one hundred percent of their monthly basic salary.

These special grants, Angara said, are to be implemented on a staggered basis in a span of four years.

Angara also noted that filling up vacancies in the Judiciary continues to be a major problem causing soar in backlogs of cases.

To entice good and bright lawyers in the Judiciary, we need to beef up their compensation package, Angara said.

However, he explained, despite the grant of these special allowances, the Justices and Judges are still considered inadequately compensated for the sensitive duties and responsibilities that their positions require.

The rigorous legal training and techniques, the daily grind of administering congested dockets, the distillation of truths, and the balancing of competing interests help define the austere life of a judge, Angara said.

Sadly, existing legislations seems to fall short in their appreciation of the work done by our judgesbe it lower, appellate, or highest court of the land, Angara said.

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