Press Release
August 4, 2006


Senator Edgardo J. Angara today called for immediate solution to the long-standing investigation on Masinloc Power Plant and that the alleged conflict between his colleague Miriam Defensor-Santiago and former president Fidel Ramos must be ignored and neglected.

We really have to help NAPOCOR to privatize these power stations. Even though the public does not use the energy capacity produced by these independent power producers, the public continues to pay for them, said Angara.

Angara also said that the problem in the Masinloc Power Plant should be readily solved because the issue involves factual data; that is, whether or not the winning bidder had a financial capacity to operate.

Angara also said that he believes Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago and former president Fidel Ramos are capable of transcending their political and personal differences just to meet a probable solution for the Masinloc issue.

Both of them are statespersons. I dont think their political differences and personal conflicts will get in the inquiry. They should avoid creating a circus in the course of the investigation, Angara said.

I hope that in the course of this investigation, the one really responsible for such fraud will surface, he continued.

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