Press Release
August 18, 2006


Noting that the Philippines is one of the few remaining biodiverse countries in the world, Senator Edgardo J. Angara today expressed his support for the protocol on Philippine biodiversity which will govern all trading countries safe hand on importation and exportation of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The Cartagena Protocol is about safety in the transfer of biologically engineered organisms across boundaries so that, the biodiversity of the recipient country will not be adversely affected, said Angara.

In his interpellation to Senator Defensors sponsored protocol, Angara noted the difference between a genetically modified organism (GMO) and a living modified organism (LMO). He said that the distinction between the two is their commercial statusa GMO has already attained a commercial status from its country of origin while an LMO has yet to attain or still in the process of attaining its commercial status.

Angara also noted that the threat to countrys biodiversity is not coming so much from the LMO but from our own action.

For instance, Palawan has a unique flora and fauna, probably the most unique in the Phlippines, but we are opening up mines after mines of gold and copper, Angara said.

Biotechnology is going to be a great boon to society and humankind because with it, we improve our plants and even come up with new medicines. But if mismanaged, it can also pose disaster, he said.

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