Press Release
August 21, 2006


After closely monitoring the developments that led to the Guimaras oil spill, Sen. Jamby Madrigal says PETRON cannot simply wash its hands for any liability in the oil spill. The lady solon demands that the oil company must shoulder the full cost of the clean-up and salvage of the tanker.

PETRONs management was negligent and they should be fined for this appalling incident. It is morally and legally reprehensible for them to do otherwise. Due diligence requires that they validate the tankers seaworthiness and protection and indemnity insurance capability, Sen. Madrigal says.

The Senator, who is also an environmental advocate and scuba diver, is now in the process of organizing and leading a team of volunteer divers and environmentalists to help in the clean-up.

She is also set to shall file a resolution in the Senate to investigate the incident, and a bill to require double bottom hulls in the transport of crude and petroleum products and to ban tankers in protected marine sites.

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