Press Release
August 25, 2006


Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Nene Q. Pimentel, Jr. (PDP-Laban) today said the arbitrary dismissal of the impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will not bring about peace and political normalcy in the land nor will it spell the end of attempts to oust her through constitutional or unconstitutional means.

Pimentel said Mrs. Arroyo won a hollow or superficial victory because the stigma of the scandals of her administration will keep hanging over her head like a Damocles sword.

Impeachment isnt dead. Its Gloria who is condemned to live in the netherworld! he said.

The minority leader said the impeachment case was junked not because it was weak but because the accompanying hoard of evidence was too incriminating to warrant the merciless use of numerical might of the Presidents congressional minions.

But Pimentel said impeachment will not disappear just like that because it has supernatural qualities.

Glorias pals slew it last year. It rose again this year, but they murdered it anew. Next year, it will rise again because like her shadow, the charges will dog her wherever there is light. To evade it, she has to live with Pluto in darkness throughout her public life, he said.

She is the real loser even as her allies claim victory.

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