Press Release
August 26, 2006

Kiko: On the Peoples Initiative

We maintain that it is an illegal petition seeking to amend the Constitution by employing patently unconstitutional means. Among others, they aim to revise the Constitution by way of Initiative. Even a first year law student knows that revision by Peoples Initiative cannot be done. As a public official I swore to preserve and defend the Constitution and I consider it my solemn duty to oppose this brazen and reckless disregard of the fundamental law. If we allow this wanton disregard of the Constitution to succeed now, what will stop them in the future from disregarding over and over again their amended Constitution so as to suit their wishes? Their aim is to amend the Constitution by disregarding it. We cannot allow this to happen. This highly organized and well-funded disregard of our fundamental law is the most serious attack thus far on our constitutional democracy since the coup attempts of the late 80s. Ultimately we hope that the Supreme Court will step in and save the Philippine constitutional democracy as we know it from this grave assault.

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