Press Release
September 1, 2006

2 BON Examiners Merely Fall Gals As NBI Report Provides No Closure

The two Board of Nursing (BON) members against whom the NBI has recommended the filing of charges for their involvement in the alleged board exam leakage are mere fall gals. Senator Richard Gordon said yesterday.

Why does it seem like we are back in square one despite the lapse of over a month from the time that this matter was brought to the NBI for further investigation? Are we any closer to determining the real culprits behind the leakage? Can we already identify the areas, institutions or individuals who were able to secure copies of the leakage materials? asked Gordon.

The report of the National Bureau Investigation after conducting its investigation into the alleged leakage in the June 2006 nursing board examinations merely recommended the filing of charges against the 2 members of the Board of Nursing who had already been identified in the fact finding report of the PRC after its own study of the matter.

In its own fact finding report, the PRC admitted that it did not have the wherewithal to determine with finality the scope of the leakage, the culprits behind it, as well as the beneficiaries of thereof. The PRC left it to the NBI to look further into the matter.

The examinees from the last nursing board remain in limbo. We cannot fool ourselves by simply sweeping things under the rug. Until we can put closure to this entire mess by putting the all of the culprits behind bars and ordering a retake of Tests 3 and 5 for those who are shown to have received the leakage materials, the blemish on all of the aspiring nurses from this batch, and of the Philippine nursing community as a whole, will remain. Gordon added.

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