Press Release
September 7, 2006


Senate President Manny Villar, President of the Nacionalista Party, is among the participants to the 4th International Conference of Asian Political Parties or ICAPP in Seoul , Korea to be held from today (September 7) to Sunday (September 10).

The invitation to attend ICAPP was extended by Uri Party, one of Korea's leading political party. The participants in the conference are set to share their experiences in economic development and political democratization with other political leaders in the region.

According to Villar, "The ICAPP is proving to be an effective instrument in promoting a culture of cooperation and consensus building among ourselves in Asia . This ideal has been well articulated and affirmed in previous conferences in Manila , Bangkok and Beijing . The conference in Seoul will break new ground in translating the spirit of partnership into a framework for achieving peace and prosperity in Asia ."

The first ever ICAPP was held in Manila on September 2000. The theme for the 4th ICAPP is Peace and Prosperity in Asia, with sub-themes focusing on regional security and political stability; poverty reduction and good governance; and building an Asian community.

Villar cites on his speech for the ICAPP that with numerous challenges and changes unfolding in Asia , a paradigm shift in mindsets is a must. "We can start by revisiting our respective party platforms to find out if they are still relevant to present-day realities. How do our priorities and strategies address the social, political and economic demands of our countries but also Asia as a whole?"

"Political parties are in the best position to achieve the objectives of ICAPP. We can serve as catalysts to help bring about a popular attitude that affirms peace even as it values innovation, quality and productivity," further cites Villar.

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