Press Release
September 17, 2006

Interview with Sen. Ralph Recto on the Detention of Sabio

Pabor po ba kayo sa patuloy na pagkakakulong kay PCCG chairman Sabio?

With due respect to my colleagues, I think he should be released immediately. It does not look good on us to be detaining a 70-year old man with a heart ailment

Pero meron pa yatang gustong itanong ang mga senador ?

Then get it over with. But let me point out also that this can be done through the cooperation of Chairman Sabio .He should be forthright naman

Kung hindi o ayaw nya sumagot ?

Then let the records reflect it. If Sabio is silent , then the committee report would show that the allegations against the PCGG were not refuted despite the chance offered to PCGG.

But do you agree that the Senate should set up an example so people of GMA wont be snubbing ?

Yes but the point has been made . Sabio has been sufficiently punished for ignoring the Senate. It is a costly snub. My point is that he should be released on humanitarian grounds. He has a medical condition and if that worsens while in detention, you can only imagine the backlash that will hit us. Kahit si Marcos, pinakawalan si Ninoy ng sumakit ang dibdib nya. The longer we detain this sickly old man, the more public opinion will turn against us.

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