Press Release
September 18, 2006


Senator Richard J. Gordon yesterday lauded Efren Bata Reyes for again bringing honor to the Philippines when he topped the final leg of the 2006 San Miguel Asian 9-Ball Tour held at Gran Melia Jakarta Hotel , Indonesia over the weekend.

Gordon, a former tourism secretary, said Reyess triumph once again boosted the countrys image in the international community as a haven of sports champions in the world.

Earlier, Gordon introduced Senate Resolution No. 559 commending Reyes for "his skill and determination that led to his victory in the International Pool tour 2006 World Open 8-ball Championship."

In the resolution, Gordon recalled that Reyes "came from humble beginnings and his skill in billiards was honed while working for his uncle's pool house in Angeles City where he also lived, sleeping on top of the billiard tables."

Gordon noted that Reyes has won several other world's most prestigious pool tournaments, including the 2001 and 2002 World Pool Leagues and won a gold medal for snooker in the Southeast Asian Games of 1987, bringing fame and glory to the Philippines .

Reyes was also inducted to the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame on July 12, 2003, making him the first Filipino and the first Asian to join the billiard "roster of excellence."

Gordon stated that while Reyes has been offered several times to endorse foreign cue sticks for significant amounts of money, he has consistently refused to do so because he only uses local cue sticks made in his province of Pampanga .

"Despite his fame and wealth, he has remained soft-spoken and humble, committed to his sport, his family and helping his community, exemplifying the best character of the Filipino," the resolution declared.

Thus, according to Gordon, Reyess "excellence and attitude has earned him the love of his countrymen and the respect of his colleagues, making him truly a People's Champion."

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