Press Release
October 14, 2006


Senator Richard J. Gordon welcomed the Court of Appeals (CA) order calling for a selective retake by 1,687 examinees of tests 3 and 5 of the June 2006 nursing board examinations.

Gordon said as the evidence gathered indicates that the leakage was limited to certain areas and benefited only examinees from 3 review centers, only those examinees should be made to retake the affected portions.

This would be consistent with the finding from our hearings in the Senate. Given these findings, however, the PRC may need to re-examine its decision to remove portions of tests 3 and 5 in computing the passing rate for all examinees from the board examinations. Gordon emphasized.

We should now work to ensure that all those behind the leakage are prosecuted. As a senator, I intend to push for legislation aimed, firstly, at ensuring that the occurrence of such leakages are avoided in the future and, secondly, that the standards of the nursing profession are duly uplifted, He added.

According to Gordon, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) should also ensure that our nursing schools have adequate training standards, monitor and publish schools passing rates, and shut down those which are not up to par.

The public should be protect from such diploma mills, Gordon insisted.

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