Press Release
November 15, 2006

Sen. Rodolfo G. Biazon On Honasan Capture

There is a need for the government, the judiciary to pursue a swift resolution of the cases filed against former Senator Honasan through the judicial process which must be public.

Care must be taken that there is no persecution, but a prosecution of the cases filed against Sen Honasan considering that this event could suppress the effects of the rumblings that are still there or it could trigger something more, that everyone would not welcome.

Senator Honasan still has sympathizers not only out of the military but also in the military.

For example, There is a feeling of injustice being committed against the Marines being incarcerated in Fort Bonifacio and in Cavite Naval Base because when I talked to them, I asked them if their statements were taken in the investigation and they said it had not yet been taken and only the statement of one Colonel of the Marines, a certain Col. Jonathan Martir was the basis of the arrest and incarceration.

Here, there might be a parallel, it seems that (tho I may be wrong of course) the only piece of evidence which was used as a basis of the warrant of arrest of Sen Honasan was that of Second Lt Laurence San Juan?

It is possible also that if there were talks involving high officials, the arresting officials may not know it.

As stated by Sen Sotto, Honasan was in Manila because of these on going ..was it exploratory talks or serious talk that was leading to a final conclusion of the talks.. we have to wait for further developments to know..

but it is important also that this issue of the talks is handled properly or else there could be a perception by some of a double cross.

Sen Honasan was being charged with 50 other personalities which consists not only of officers still in the active service but also civilians, will the treatment of Sen Honasan be the same as the treatment to civilians who are still out there, not captured, not arrested, not being held?

I think the other civilians out there include former Amb Roy Seneres, lawyers Rafael Pulido, Cristopher Belmonte etc.. are these other suspects being handled in the same way as they are going to handle Sen Honasan..if there is a difference in treatment, there must be a legal explanation to the difference.

The injury of Sen Honasan is a factor that also has to be addressed by the arresting agency.

The end

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