Press Release
December 8, 2006


"The more they force the issue, the more they insist on ramming this down the people's throats, the farther away they will be from making ConAss happen. ChaCha advocates are digging their own graves as they continue with this spectacle in the House of Representatives. By their own illegal act, this 'final push' by the House of Representatives is turning out to be the 'final nail in the coffin' for ChaCha at this time."

With all due respect, their invitations sent to the Senate are bogus notices sent by the Secretary General who has no authority to do so because House Resolution No.1450 is a bogus and illegal resolution that produces no legal effect whatsoever. It binds neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate because of its illegality. Moreover, considering that various resolutions on the issue of Charter Change are still in the committee level, the Senate has yet to firm up its official position on ConAss by way of an adopted resolution. Until it is brought to the Senate plenary and approved by a majority vote, the Senate cannot as an institution participate in any Constituent Assembly, much less participate in an assembly illegally called by the majority in the House of Representatives."

"There are constitutional limits to the exercise of governmental power and these have been exceeded by the majority in the House of Representatives. With all due respect to our colleagues in the House, they have disregarded the fundamental law and we in the Senate who have sworn to preserve and defend it and all self-respecting citizens who care for our nation cannot but stand in the way of these brazen, illegal acts. The rule of the majority must never never transgress the rule of law, never."

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