Press Release
December 9, 2006

Recto on ConCon: "The ultimatum is
on the House, not on the Senate"

"What the House should do is pass a ConCon bill ASAP and send it to the Senate. The ultimatum is on the House, not on the Senate," said Sen. Ralph Recto.

"Since the Constitutional Convention requires public funds, then all the more should the bill creating it emanate from the House, to comply with the Constitutional provision that bills on appropriations should originate from the Lower House. Complex mechanics that govern a ConCon reauire the passage of a bill and not a mere resolution."

"Because it is the House that is dying to ChaCha, then it should fashion the enabling law for a ConCon."

"However, let me warn that changing the mode of ChaCha is not a guarantee that it will change the mood of the people toward ChaCha if the agenda proponents remain and that is to turn Congress into a unicameral parliament."

"If the House will pass the ConCon measure, then the Senate is duty-bound to consider it," Recto stressed.

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