Press Release
December 16, 2006


Senators Luisa Loi Ejercito Estrada and Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada yesterday advised Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her subalterns to change their character instead of persisting on efforts to change the Constitution.

What Mrs. Arroyo, her minions in Malacanang and her allies in Congress need to do is to change their attitude and character towards governance if they are indeed sincere in their statements that they are no longer interested in changing the Constitution, Estrada, popularly known as Dra. Loi, said.

She added: "Given the duplicitous character of this administration, there is no room for rejoicing or complacency on the part of the public even if Mrs. Arroyo claims she is no longer interested in charter change. For his part, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada said Mrs. Arroyo should forget about Charter change and advised the former Vice President to "think of another Cha-Cha, that's character change to reinvent herself, Estrada added.

The eldest son of President Joseph Ejercito Estrada and Sen Loi Estrada called on freedom-loving citizens to join the prayer rally today at the Luneta Park and show Mrs. Arroyo that the people are against Con-Ass.

The Estradas suspect that one of the reasons Mrs. Arroyo has been pushing for Charter Change is for her to escape the yearly impeachment complaints being filed against her at the House of Representatives.

"Once the 1987 Constitution is amended, Mrs. Arroyo would no longer be held liable for alleged offenses committed in the past," they said.

The statement of the Estradas came in response to the admission of presidential chief of staff Michael Defensor that the Arroyo administration plans to immediately revive the project as soon as the 2007 midterm election is concluded. As it is, Mrs. Arroyo was again found lying through her teeth like in so many, many occasions in the past with the admission made by her own chief of staff, Mike Defensor that Cha-Cha remains high on her agenda, Dra. Loi said.

She also expressed the hope that the planned inter-faith religious activity at the Luneta on December 17 prepared by various groups opposed to Cha-Cha and which is expected to draw more than 500,000 people would send the clear message to Malacanang and those in Congress that the people do not trust them when it comes to changing the Constitution.

The issue boils down to credibility and public acceptance which unfortunately Mrs. Arroyo and her allies do not have anymore, the former First Lady said.

Unless Mrs. Arroyo and her government regain the publics trust charter change now or in the immediate future would still not succeed. Let us hope the twin message of transparency in governance and genuine leadership at the Luneta rally penetrate their hearts and minds.

Dra. Loi also urged Mrs. Arroyo to give the Filipinos the best gift they could receive from her this holiday season by announcing her resignation effective on January 20 next year, the day she grab the presidency from President Joseph Ejercito Estrada six years ago.

On that day, she would have completed the 6-year rule for president mandated in the Constitution and she could then enter a convent to atone for her sins, Dra. Loi said adding:

By this simple announcement, Mrs. Arroyo would immediately get the genuine goodwill and acceptability that the public have denied her for the last six years while also immediately bringing political stability throughout the country.

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