Press Release
December 19, 2006


A statement resuming a push for Charter change has shown President Arroyos character change is for real but was a change for the worse, Sen. Panfilo Lacson lamented Tuesday.

Lacson scored Mrs. Arroyo for citing three realities in pushing for Charter change, saying the bottom line was that she felt emboldened again after a Church-led rally failed to muster the target attendance of 500,000.

I had prayed that Mrs. Arroyo would indeed have some kind of character change. Indeed, she underwent character change but it was a change for the worse. Not only did she continue lying. She has now started to lie brazenly, he said.

He noted Malacañang and its allies in Congress resumed calls to amend the Constitution only after Sundays rally. But before the rally, he noted Mrs. Arroyo had issued a statement claiming now is not the ripe time to amend the Charter.

Yet, Lacson said Mrs. Arroyo now dares to brand Charter change again as a matter of paramount national interest. He reiterated his call for her to repent and repent sincerely.

With Mrs. Arroyo having mocked even the Church, Lacson said the Filipino people have no choice but to hope that Someone up there will work in His own mysterious way to address the problem.

As a people, we have been abused so much. The last thing the people need is to be paid lip service. Mrs. Arroyo should not be so smug as to think the people have not seen through her deception. It is so easy to detect her attempts to fool us, he said.

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