Press Release
February 13, 2007

Manifesto of support given

The Vice Mayors League of the Philippines (VMLP) declared their full support for the senatorial candidacy of Senate President Manny Villar during their general assembly on Tuesday (13 February) where Villar was the keynote speaker.

On their manifesto of support the VMLP lauded the accomplishments of Villar in the Senate, For the past six years, we have witnessed and have benefited from the legislations that Senator Villar have authored and/or co-authored when he was in the Senate committees on Finance and on Foreign Relations.

Recently, when he became the President of the Senate, we see a healthier and mutually-respectful relationship between the Executive and Legislative branches of the National Government which have fast-tracked the approval of some needed bills. We have seen important bills being passed; like the anti-terrorism bill, the bio-fuel act and the budget. This only proves his mettle as a leader and a legislator, further cited the manifesto.

VMLP is a duly organized association of over 1,300 vice mayors of cities and towns all over the country.

VMLP also cited: We therefore call on all the vice mayor of this country to support the reelection bid of Senator Villar. Our vote for him is a vote for our futurea progressive, peaceful and united people.

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