Press Release
March 7, 2007


"The latest poverty threshold of the National Statistics Coordination Board, which states that a family of six can survive on P266 per day in NCR, merely indicates the need for the country's reported economic gains to trickle down to our people on the ground."

"P266 for a family of six or about P44 per person per day is simply unimaginable considering the high cost of living particularly in Metro Manila. The amount will not suffice in providing the nutrition they need, much more allow them to afford decent housing."

"These are the real, immediate issues we need to address. As former Chair of the Senate Committee on Housing, we have explored ways to alleviate the housing problems of our citizens. We tapped Gawad Kalinga to partner with our Office not just in putting a roof over our people's heads but also in giving them the chance to start their lives over."

"We have allocated over P40 million of our PDAF to this project in over 21provinces nationwide. Still, a lot remains to be done.The NSCB data is a call to action for us who seek the people's support to be able to serve our country once again."

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