Press Release
April 17, 2007


Reelectionist Senator Edgardo J. Angara today calls for the review of the Philippine Aids Prevention and Control Law of 1998.

Although the country remains a low prevalence area, ?11,168 adults aged 15 and up living with HIV must not go unnoticed,? says Angara.

?More than 28% (3,400) of this figure are women but only 0.4% of pregnant women receive treatment to reduce mother-to-child transmission.?

The senator is calling for the review of the law to make it more responsive to the needs of Filipinos especially women living with AIDS.

UNAIDS situation analysis report in 2005 pointed six challenges that the country is currently facing. These includes (a) the need to put in place sound policies and a comprehensive programme targeting injecting drug users and expand coverage; (b) the need to develop a comprehensive prevention and care programme for overseas Filipino workers; (c) the need to develop a mechanism to sustain antiretrovirals to make it truly accessible to those in need (including paediatric preparations of antiretrovirals); (d) increasing scope and coverage of a prevention programme targeting most-at-risk groups and vulnerable populations including children, youth, women and overseas Filipino workers; (e) the need to advocate increased resource allocation to the Philippine National AIDS Council and budget for HIV programmes in the Philippine National AIDS Council-government member agencies; and (f) strengthening collaboration between and among government, civil society groups, and donor/development partners through the "AIDS Project Coordinating Group" initiated by the Department of Health.

?We do not just need to strengthen our policies on AIDS prevention and control, we need to work on information dissemination and support to people with HIV as well as strenthen our policies addressing other women?s issues,? the senator added.

Senator Angara is the author of Rooming-In and Breastfeeding Act of 1992 (RA 7600).

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