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May 1, 2007


The level of information and information and communication technology (ICT) training should be taken to the hard-core level to enable the country to produce a vast pool of computer engineers and programmers ready for both the big demand here and overseas, Team Unity senatorial candidate Edgardo J. Angara today said.

Angara said that the government and the private sector can tie-up with multilateral institutions to establish these training programs focused on ICT and with the aim of producing world-class computer engineers and programmers.

Angara said that after providing the warm bodies for the business process outsourcing companies in the country, there is an urgency to step up the training for the next wave of big and high-paying ICT jobs, said Angara.

Angara said that right now the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency or JICA are carrying out a full-blast training of computer engineers and programmers on a fast-track basis.

After one full year of rigorous training, the graduates of the diploma program are readily employed by Filipino and Japanese companies and various multinationals engaged in the hard-core ICT business.

Members of the UP community have informed me of this UP-JICA partnership and its emergence as a training ground for software designers, programmers, computer engineers and network specialists, said Angara.

Angara said that such training programs are necessary to bring the training for ICT manpower to the next level.

Angara said that in the context of the Knowledge Society the focus should be on the training of young men and women for highly-marketable jobs that will serve the domestic and global market.

He said that the country lags behind in the training of scientists and engineers, in the ICT field specifically.

He said that some of the public schools should endeavor to build miniature Silicon Valleys which has been Indias key to its current economic strides.

Angara said that enhancing ICT education will be one of his priority agenda in the next senate.

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