Press Release
May 4, 2007

Sen. Recto's statement on the
bugging of President Corys phone

Bugging is bad whether done on a former president or a sitting one, and one must not be selective in condemning it, simply based on who the target is.

We cannot treat wiretapping victims differently, one with disdain and the other with sympathy.

We should be consistent in condemning illegal eavesdropping whenever and to whoever that is employed.

However, at a time when a how-to manual in making a nuclear bomb can be downloaded from the Internet, it is unfair to point to the military as not only the usual suspect but the only one.

I base my doubts on this : For all the billions we give to the military yearly, is this the only thing they are capable of : an easy-to-detect, crude gadget that looks like a high school science experiment?

My point is, we may not be able to find the real culprits if we only focus on the usual suspects.

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