Press Release
May 12, 2007


When they go to their respective polling precincts on Monday, Filipinos should not just choose their candidates wisely. They should also guard them vigilantly.

This was re-electionist Sen. Panfilo M. Lacsons last-minute advice to voters as he said the consequences of choosing wrongly or allowing the wrong candidates to cheat their way to victory will be disastrous for the next three to six years.

If we choose the wrong candidate or allow the wrong candidate to cheat his or her way to victory, we will have to live with that choice for the next three years for local candidates or six years in the case of senators, Lacson said.

He said voters should use their conscience in making their choices, as they will be installing into office leaders who will shape the governments policies for at least the next three years.

On the other hand, he said the May 14 election will be a chance for Filipinos to get back at an administration that has trampled on their rights since 2001. It is time that we get back at this administration for violating our rights, by using our sacred right to vote, he said.

Lacson also made an appeal to Filipinos who have become cynical of this years elections to still go out and vote, saying those who forfeit their right to vote will deserve whoever will win, including those who turn out to be corrupt.

Those who say they are not interested in politics deserve the elected officials who are worse than themselves. If they remain cynical and dont vote, they deserve the elected officials, he said.

People have become cynical and rightly so. What they see is a circus, he added.

But more importantly, Lacson said voters should be vigilant and guard their votes, and make sure each individual vote counts.

Aside from choosing the right leader, we must also guard our vote because this is sacred and one of the few instances where each Filipino is equal ... It is up to Filipinos to choose whether to have six more years of being lied to, robbed and cheated, or to elect to office fiscalizers who will expose the irregularities this administration engages in, he said.

During his 90-day campaign, Lacson not only led his supporters in abiding by Commission on Elections (Comelec) regulations on campaign materials, but also discovered many irregularities involving taxpayers money. He also invaded the hometowns of President Arroyo and former poll commissioner Virgilio Garcillano.

The campaign trail also had its ups and downs for Lacson, who started his campaign on a high note spending Valentines Day with his wife Alice. Another high point of his campaign was an endorsement from Jesus Is Lord head Bro. Eduardo Eddie Villanueva.

Lacson capped his campaign yesterday with a town hop in his home province of Cavite. He will cast his vote at the Bayang Luma elementary school in Imus, Cavite on Monday at around 8 am.

Should he be elected to the 14th Congress, Lacson plans to re-file several anti-graft bills, including one that excludes government employees from the bank secrecy act. He also plans to support legislation related to his platform of HOPE (health, order, progress and education).

Lacson said he will continue his strong advocacy against pork, even if he has to go solo. Ill be there to stand up against it even if Im alone, he said.

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