Press Release
May 12, 2007


Yes, call it D Villar Dance!

To the tune of Sasakyan Kita by the K and the Boxers, Senate President Manny Villar demonstrates his own dance move thru his campaign ad Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga, Villar Na! on television which seems to have created a craze out of it.

Once the jingle plays, people cannot help it but mimic the D Villar Dance and go with the groove of the danceable tune.

Talk of a catchy and easily identifiable campaign ad, no doubt, this really pulls it off. Every time Villar goes to his market sorties, vendors imitate his dance move as they ask for the original to join them.

Villar is often asked who his choreographer is. He always replies that he just followed the dance step taught to him by Robert Villar Jr., the kid in the commercial who is an up-and-coming talent in the entertainment industry.

No wonder, in his latest campaign ad, Villar has been joined by a caravan of people coming from various sectors of society the workforce, men, women, the youth, the OFWs, and the general public. They have certainly been swept off by the Villar dance move.

Attesting to the popularity of D Villar Dance, it has been gathered by Pulse Asia in its survey that the Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga ad garnered the highest awareness identification among all the political television ads of senatorial candidates.

Villar got a whooping 94 percent from the April 21-25, 2007 Pulse Asia Survey when respondents correctly identified him from the TV ad for his rags-to-riches life story and public service accomplishments which were essentially recounted by the campaign jingle.

Indeed, its a DVD that cannot be piratedbut always emulated.

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