Press Release
May 16, 2007


Senate President Manny Villar acknowledged the heroism of teachers and poll watchers who have laid down their lives as they carried out poll duties amid real threats and dangers in a bid to protect the electoral process.

As Senate President, I give due credit to the renewed valor and vigilance displayed by our people in the pursuit of fair and honest elections.

The exemplary performance of our teachers and poll watchers in the line of duty has been crucial in the task of determining the final outcome of this years elections. The lives they laid down remind the Filipino nation of the sanctity of the electoral process, and their sacrifice must not be put in vain.

I also acknowledge the participation and efforts of the various groups and organizations that have been voluntarily safeguarding the votes of the Filipino electorate.

As the Comelec formally commences the counting of votes, I urge our people to show our intensified effort towards the attainment of electoral reforms by staying vigilant and alert until the end of this electoral process.

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