Press Release
May 22, 2007

On the Davao City canvass

The inadvertent addition of votes to Senator Ralph G. Recto in the Davao City canvass came as a complete surprise to us.

We support the call of the Commission on Elections and Namfrel to investigate what our poll officials have initially described as a clerical error.

We commend the vigilance of those involved in the canvass as it led to the discovery of the tallying discrepancy.

The unfortunate incident in which we do not have a hand in has put us in a bad light that we do not rule out the possibility that it was maliciously done to impugn the reputation of our campaign which we have conducted in a fair and high-level manner.

We are concerned that this act to sabotage Senator Rectos candidacy might be used to put a cloud of doubt on the mandate he will receive from the people.

We reiterate our commitment to honest elections in which the will of the people is truthfully manifested in election returns.

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