Press Release
June 7, 2007

Senate not responsible for House quorum -- Roxas

Right now, the bill on affordable medicines is comatose and only immense political will emanating from the House of Representatives can bring it to life. The Senate cannot be made a scapegoat for any failure to pass this bill, because we have been simply waiting since Monday for the House version to be passed on third reading.

Unfair naman na sa Lower House ang maraming absent pagkatapos ang gusto nilang sisisihin ay Senado. Whatever the House decides today will determine the fate of this bill. It does not require my approval or the Senates approval before the House can act on it.

If the House leadership cant ensure a quorum again today just as it had failed to do so since Monday this vital health legislation will perish. It will be back to square one in July for all of us who have been long advocating for more affordable medicines. I am sure that so many Filipinos, including the sponsors and supporters of this bill in the Lower House and millions of ailing Filipinos, are just as disappointed. Whatever the outcome, I certainly thank all stakeholders and individuals who have come out openly in support of this bill. If we dont pass it this time, I assure all Filipinos that the affordable medicines act shall be part of Liberal Partys legislative agenda for the 14th Congress.

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