Press Release
June 23, 2007


"I did not participate in the secret balloting as I had no hand or participation whatsoever in the opposition's decision to call for secret balloting. Perhaps because I ran as independent, I was not consulted beforehand regarding the matter of secret balloting and I only found out about the decision as it was announced on the radio."

"Just as important as forging a unity based on principle and conviction is how that unity is reached. It ought to be done in a process where there is mutual respect and courtesy. The opposition victory in the polls should not be dissipated by some who wish to throw their weight around to achieve their ends."

"My Senate experience tells me that an effective, working unity in the Senate can only be achieved if we afford one another the respect we all deserve as co-equals. We still have a month to go before July 23. It is hoped that in a month's time we are able to reach a consensus amongst senators to forge a working unity with a common vision for the future."

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